The Qatari Businessmen Association meeting with H.E. Ms. Greta Holtz, Charge’ d’ Affaires of the US Embassy in Doha

24 Sep 2020 QBA Office

QBA Members attended

The Qatari Businessmen Association had a meeting with H.E. Ms. Greta Holtz, the Charge’ d’ Affaires of the US Embassy in Doha, in the presence of Ms. Megan Schildgen, Senior commercial officer, and Mr. Mike Schreuder, Economic Officer. The meeting aimed at enhancing joint cooperation with the United States in all economic sectors and exploring potential investment opportunities in both countries
From the Qatari Businessmen Association, the meeting was headed by H.E. Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani, QBA Chairman, and attended by Mr. Hussein Al Fardan, First Deputy to the Chairman, Dr. Sheikh Khalid bin Thani al Thani, second Deputy to the Chairman. From QBA Board members, Sheikh Nawaf bin Nasser Al Thani, Mr. Sherida Al Kaabi, and Mr. Saud Al Mana attended the meeting. From QBA Members, Sheikh Faisal bin Fahad, Mr. Mohamed Althaf and Mr. Ihsan Al Khiyami also attended the meeting as well as Ms. Sarah Abdallah, QBA Deputy General Manager.

At the beginning of the meeting, Sheikh Faisal welcomed the guests, valuing the strong bilateral relations, which continued to develop until reaching a distinguished stage of strategic partnership in all fields, as the United States is the largest global direct investor and the largest trading partner to Qatar, adding that the Qatari private sector continuously seeks to enhance opportunities for cooperation and support economic relations between the two countries. The Private Sector also reached a stage of maturity that was able to establish local and regional partnerships with a strategic partner such as the United States.

On her part, Ms. Greta Holtz thanked QBA for this meeting, stressing that the Qatari-US relations are based on solid foundations and a strategic partnership, and that she aims, through this visit, to exchange views and ideas on how to develop these relations to what would rise to the ambitions of the two countries. She added that Qatar has the capabilities that qualify it to attract the American investor to its markets, pointing out the incentives Qatar provides, whether offered in its taxation system, or the ease of procedures, transparency, stability and security, in addition to the measures taken by the state for the benefit of the foreign investor, in order to accelerate and facilitate foreign companies' investment in the Qatari market, highlighting the importance and the role of Qatar free zones.

During the meeting, the members discussed ways to increase cooperation between the two countries. Mr. Hussein Al-Fardan referred to the need to increase the presence of American companies in Doha and create new partnerships, and also referred to the distinctive regional location of Qatar with the presence of the largest port in the region and a global logistical fleet that will facilitate access to Global markets, in addition to Hamad International Airport, as it is one of the most important international airports, which would enhance shipping and transportation routes between Qatar and its global partners.
Sheikh Khalid bin Thani Al-Thani also indicated that Qatari companies enjoy global competitive experiences and advantages and are always looking to search for partnerships and explore investment opportunities in global markets, especially the American one, adding that the US economy is attractive and provides great business opportunities for Qatari investments. He also lauded the efforts made by both countries to remove all challenges facing business owners from both sides.

For his part, Sheikh Nawaf bin Nasser, stressed out the need to encourage the US small and medium-sized companies to discover the Qatari market and the importance of providing support from the US government to them, so they can cooperate with Qatari businessmen and work in the Qatari market. This was confirmed by Ms. Megan Schildgen, responsible for commercial relations at the US Embassy in Doha, through the presence of a specialized team to support small and medium-sized companies, this team presents an annual report to Congress on the support provided to these companies and methods of evaluation.