We serve the Vision success Mission of Qatar

Qatari Businessmen Association (QBA) is truly a unique organization, as is the country of Qatar. This fruitful country of ours has transformed itself overnight. We have been gifted with the enlightened strategic vision of H.H. the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, who has accomplished gargantuan steps towards political, economic and social reforms within the State of Qatar. QBA strives to serve the vision of Qatar by accomplishing ambitious projects that have pushed Qatar forward into the globalization market.

The local private sector of Qatar has proven its willingness and eagerness to cope with ongoing development. Business leaders have acknowledged the requisite of improving business opportunities, market competitiveness and growth capabilities currently established in Qatar. The Qatari private sector has adopted recent management trends, advanced training and upgrading programs, technology requirement practices and resource diversification approaches to improve and attract more business opportunities, both locally and regionally.

We are very proud of the accomplishments the Qatari Businessmen Association has made throughout the years in its endeavours to assist in strengthening the economic growth and spirit of Qatar. QBA has been engaged in a number of distinctive initiatives to provide clearer dialogue and structure to better assist and advance the development of the business environment. Qatari Businessmen Association strengthens business growth through leadership, prosperity, information, communication, and governmental and community involvement. Our association serves as a strong catalyst that offers a solid foundation for the economic development of Qatar’s private sector and provides a forum for idea exchange. Together, we aim to be a major vehicle, consensus builder and advocate for a thriving economic climate in the State of Qatar.


QBA Role and Main objectives

The importance of the establishment of the Qatari Businessmen Association is to work as the connection between the state strategic plans and the Qatari businessmen activities on one hand, and play a leading role in driving the growth process and to establish and develop the private sector activities at the local and international levels on the other hand.

To achieve this, the Association adopted a number of objectives that deal with maintaining the continuity of development in the Qatari society in general, and the consolidation of the entrepreneurial spirit in the local business community in particular.

  • Creating a mechanism that gather a group of Qatari businessmen and economists to enhance interaction, coherence and intellectual harmony, and to contribute in creating and maintaining a business and investment environment that encourages the economic and pioneering work, and to prepare the private sector to play its ambitious role in developing Qatari National Economy.
  • Providing the Association with a leading and pivotal role in the follow-up of the strategic plans of the state and contribute in setting these plans and provide practical solutions as well as raising the appropriate recommendations for the development of private sector activities at the local and international levels, so as to maintain and improve the economic growth rates in the community in general.
  • Contributing effectively to the development of the Qatari national economy by uniting the private sector efforts, identifying its leadership role in the national economy, supporting the leadership in the field of business and economic activity, overcoming obstacles for the private sector, and promoting cooperation with government institutions.
  • Identifying and selecting joint projects both internally and externally, and contributing to the promotion of strategic projects to work on attracting local, regional and international investments
  • Contributing to the formulation and preparation of the government's economic policies and legislation, through the development of memoranda and opinion statements on economic trends and government policies, and submit them to the higher authorities in the state.
  • Following-up on the local and global market developments and international economic trends, and detecting the potential effects on the Qatari national economy, the businessmen and the private sector, and reporting the recommendations to the highest political authorities in the state.
  • Playing the role of an independent consultant to the private sector, and contribute in reporting the required recommendations to the sovereign authorities in the state, and secure technical assistance and development of training programs in order to improve economic performance and raise the level of performance for members and their institutions.
  • Preparing studies and economic reports, conduct field surveys and the organization of conferences, seminars as well as activities related to the achievement of its goals
  • Participating in seminars, conferences and similar activities related to the business and economic sector