The Qatari Businessmen Association organized a luncheon in honor of the greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

09 Oct 2023 QBA Office

QBA Members attended

An MOU between the Qatari Businesswomen Association and the Hispanic Chamber was signed.

The Qatari Businessmen Association organized a business luncheon in honor of the visit of the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce headed by Mrs. Nicole Quiroga. During the meeting, in which the Qatari Businesswomen Association participated, an MOU was signed between QBWA and Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, from the Qatari side, the MOU was signed by Mrs. Aisha Al-Fardan, QBWA Vice Chairwoman, and from the US side, the MOU was signed by Mrs. Nicole Quiroga, President of the Chamber.
From QBA, the meeting was attended by Mr. Saud Al Mana, QBA Board member, and QBA members: Sheikh Faisal bin Fahd Al Thani, Mr. Khaled Al Mannai, Mr. Maqbool Habib Khalfan, and Dr. Muhammad Altaf, in addition to Ms. Sarah Abdullah, QBA Deputy GM, as well as Mr. Abdul Al-Razzaq Al-Kuwari and Mr. Ali Mahmoudi, representatives of Al-Faisal Holding Group.
From QBWA, the meeting was attended by Mrs. Aisha Alfardan Vice Chairwoman, and QBWA Board members: Mrs. Awatef Al Dafaa, Mrs. Amal Al Aathem, Mrs. Mishael Al Ansari, Mrs Huda Hobbi, Dr. Tahani Saker, Mrs. Mashaal Al Derham, Mrs. Jameela Mohamad, in addition to Mrs. Jiskala Khalayli, QBWA Executive Director.
While from the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber, a delegation of approximately 20 companies representing various sectors such as information technology, health care, tourism, energy, environment, professional services and hospitality have participated in the business luncheon.
At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Saud Al Mana, QBA Board member, welcomed the delegation on its first visit to the State of Qatar, stressing the importance of the American-Qatari relations and the growth of trade exchange between the two countries, which has witnessed a significant increase recently as a result of the increased interest of American companies in the Qatari market, due to the investment climate that Doha provides to foreign investors, he also welcomed the American companies participating in the meeting, pointing out that the Qatari Businessmen and women are ready to discuss any value-added projects that contribute to economic development and strengthening bilateral relations.
For her part, Mrs. Nicole Quiroga, President of the Chamber, said that this is the Chamber’s first visit outside the Americas, and she chose Doha as her first stop due to the good reputation that Qatar enjoys, especially after organizing the World Cup, as it has an attractive business climate and significant infrastructure, stressing that the Chamber is striving to enhance Friendship ties with organizations and business associations such as QBA & QBWA.

As for Ms. Aisha Alfardan, QBWA Vice Chairwoman, she pointed out that the United States of America is an important trading partner for the State of Qatar and comes in second place in terms of exports to Doha, stressing that small and medium industries represent the backbone of the Qatari economy, and that the Qatari Businesswomen Association are open to constructive cooperation and discussing new partnerships with members of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Washington.
QBA Member Sheikh Faisal bin Fahd Al Thani, also confirmed that trade relations between the two countries have grown steadily, as they are linked by strong economic relations, which was clearly evident when the two countries established the Business Council which aims at facilitating trade exchange and investments between the two countries, noting that American companies play an important role in developing the oil, gas and petrochemical sector in the country.

On the sidelines of the luncheon, the Qatari Businesswomen Association signed a memorandum of understanding with the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, which focuses on encouraging and facilitating economic cooperation between the two parties and promoting small and medium enterprises in both Washington and Doha. The memorandum also aims at exchanging potential investment opportunities in addition to exchanging experiences and technical cooperation between the two sides.
It is worth mentioning that the volume of trade between the United States of America and Qatar reached its peak in 2022, reaching 6.7 billion US dollars, and it has doubled from 2021. The numbers for this year are also promising.