QATARI Businesswomen Forum will partner Qatari Businessmen Association and launch several initiatives to develop entrepreneurship among national women.

08 Jun 2008

QBA Members attended

Specialised training programmes for prospective women entrepreneurs are on the cards, Qatari Businesswomen Forum vice-chairperson Aisha Alfardan told Gulf Times yesterday.

She said that though the number of Qatari businesswomen was increasing, there could be several more entrepreneurs here given the rapid growth of country’s economy.

“HH Sheikha Mozah is our role model. She is tirelessly working for the country and instilling confidence among women for active participation in nation building. We are supporting her initiatives and we wish to see more women venturing into businesses,” Aisha said.

One promising factor, she said, was the increase in the number of Qatari women investors in the stock market.

“Currently, Qatari women investors hold stocks worth about QR2.7bn on the Doha Securities Market. Outside Qatar, they account for stocks worth QR1.2bn,” Aisha said. “We can see several Qatari women on the DSM these days. Also, many of them keenly follow trading online, mostly from their homes.”

Aisha said Qatari Businesswomen Forum would like to participate in more international programmes, independently as well as in association with Qatari Businessmen Association.

“We are determined to show the world that Qatari women can be good entrepreneurs. If you provide good support and growth opportunities, many of our women can do well. We also wish to make use of the skills and expertise of many expatriate women who have been long-time residents in this country.

“Many like me are fortunate to have been born into families with a tradition in business. That has really made a difference. We got the much needed support from our families,” Aisha pointed out.

She admitted that finding qualified women for positions in the private sector was still an uphill task.

“Yes, we do face difficulties. But I am very optimistic about future generations. Children coming out of world-class educational institutions in Qatar ought to do well. They will be able to take on many challenges which we face now,” Aisha said.

The agreement was signed for QBA by its chairman Sheikh Faisal bin Qassem al-Thani and for Qatari Businesswomen Forum by Aisha Alfardan.

QBA vice-chairman Hussein Alfardan, board member Issa Abu Issa and general manager Bassam Masouh were among those present.

Qatari Businesswomen Forum was previously working under the umbrella of Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry.