Qatar,UAE to boost trade ties

05 Feb 2007 Abu Dhabi

QBA Members attended

In their aim of strengthening bilateral economic relations, between the state of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The Qatari Businessmen Association’s delegation consisting of Board Member shk.Nawaf Bin Nasser Al Thani ,and QBA Members Mr. Nasser Rashid Sraiya Al Kaabi, Mr. Sherida Saad Jubran Al kaabi, Mr. Ebrahim Al Neama, Mr. Abdel Hameed Mustafawi, Mr. Maqbool Habib Khalfan, Mr. Bassam Ramzi Massouh QBA’s General Manager   headed by Shk. Faisal Bin Qasem Al Thani Chairman and the  Vice President of Abu Dhabi’s Chamber of industry and Commerce Mr. Khalil Mohamed Foulathi, signed a Memorandum OF Understanding on the first day of QBA’s participation in Abu Dhabi’s Economic Forum that was held in Abu Dhabi from 5 to 6 February 2007.

In the MOU, both parties agreed on establishing a mutual and permanent committee.  That aims at promoting and developing trade and investment relations, informing one another of the investment opportunities and joint projects possibilities on each side, and organizing training programs and exchanging experts. The MOU also noticed the ways the committee performs its activities such as holding yearly meetings and keeping permanent contact between the committee members.

Moreover, a meeting between QBA’s Chairman Shk.Faisal Bin Qasem Al Thani and Abu Dhabi’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce Mr. Salah Salem Al Shamsi was held in the second day of the forum, and revolved around ways of activating the MOU taking into account the mutual benefits of the two countries.