Qatari Businessmen Association visit to Torino

27 Nov 2006 Torino

QBA Members attended

Qatari Businessmen Association has been invited by the foreign trade office of Piemonte Chambers of Commerce and Industry to visit the industrial zone of Torino, Italy. QBA paid a visit to Italy from 27 to 29 November 2006; which witnessed a special delegation consisted of businessmen representing several Qatari companies.

The visit aimed to promote business cooperation and investment opportunities between the small and medium enterprises of both countries. The meetings took place in Torino, which is considered as one of the most important industrial centers in Italy that accommodates a wide range of industrial and commercial companies

Qatari delegation consisted of Mr. Bassam R. Massouh, Mr. Nasser Darwish, Mr. Issam Al Faqih, Mr. Yasser Hamad, Mr. Yanni Jouanneh, Mr. Dado Quilacio, and Mr. Alan Yazbik. They attended several meetings with the Italian counterparts over three days in Torino. The first day started with a general assembly for more than 150 Italian companies and a number of senior officials in Piemonte. The Italian representatives introduced a presentation on the economic environment of Torino. After that Mr. Bassam Massouh, General Manager of QBA gave a speech about the economy and investment opportunities in Qatar.

On the second day, the Qatari delegation met several Presidents of Italian companies and visited different industrial enterprises and factories in Piemonte. The third day included a meeting with the Chairman of Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Torino. Furthermore, Qatari Businessmen Association signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with Mr. Alberto Tazzetti, President Union of Industrial  Businessmen.

It is worth mentioning that Italy was one of the leading countries to invest in infrastructure projects in Ras Laffan. In addition, QBA had arranged several meetings with Italian business delegations visited Qatar and organized a special luncheon for the Italian Minister of Trade and European Affairs on October, 2006 to further strengthen the cooperation between Qatar and Italy.