Upgrading Local Managerial and Technical Skills Program

16 Feb 2005 Sheraton Hotel

QBA Members attended

Upgrading Local Managerial and Technical Skills Program

Under the Patronage of

Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Al-Thani

Minister of Economy and Commerce


In line with the main objective of Qatari Businessmen Association (QBA), and in light of HH the Emir’s strategic vision, which aims to develop and improve the local private sector role and practices in the economy, QBA is organizing a special program for Upgrading Local Managerial and Technical Skills. The program aims at developing and enhancing the private sectors’ leadership capabilities and adopting a long-term vision towards advancing the entrepreneurial skills and managerial techniques.


The program seeks to enhance the local managerial and technical approaches to meet the following objectives:

1.  Promote new managerial skills applicable to Qatar private sector; stimulate the development of leadership and managerial skills in the private sector.


2.  Envision and encourage the private sector to adopt new planning and managerial tactics to enhance reforms for economic development.


3.  Create awareness among private sector of international standards and advanced management practices.


4.  Introduce managerial skills to key segments such as women and young entrepreneurs who need to develop managerial skills.



The program consists of holding three interactive seminars, during each participants will form work groups to discuss several issues pertaining to the development of leadership capabilities. The work groups are designed to enable key executives tackle the managerial skills and challenges by themselves in order to ensure their direct participation in finding appropriate solutions.

All three seminars represent consecutive, integral steps to meet the main objectives of the whole program. In addition, each seminar will address the process of upgrading the entrepreneurial skills from a different perspective as follows:

1. Seminar I: (February 16, 2005)

“Strategic Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Private Sector”

2.  Seminar II: (April 2005)

“Modern Management capabilities that enable companies to overcome the challenges and seize the opportunities ahead”


3. Seminar III: (June 2005)

“How to implement change in Qatari companies”



The program is designed to ensure a sustained direct communication and constructive interaction between the speakers, moderators and participants. Speakers’ role is not limited to giving speeches, but they are prepared to stimulate and maintain an open dialogue between the participants and themselves to discuss several issues. Under the patronage and support of HE Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Al-Thani, Minister of Economy and Commerce, experts from (Bain and Company) and a group of local private sector leaders will take part in the speakers list.



The “Upgrading Local Managerial and Technical Skills Program” targets private sector’s leaders and key managers in order to intact an unprecedented initiative aims to upgrade this sector and stimulate its participation in the economic development. The program also encourages the participation of businesswomen and young entrepreneurs in order to improve their leadership skills and enhance their managerial experiences.



Qatari Businessmen Association (QBA) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization formed by a group of prominent, dedicated and key businessmen and established by Ministerial Decree no. 14 for the year 2002. The main objective of QBA is to develop, enhance and uplift the capabilities of the private sector in order to make the best out of the country’s wealth and to compete locally and regionally in a new world order.



The “Upgrading Local Managerial and Technical Skills Program” consists of three interactive seminars that work together to meet the main objectives of the program. Each seminar will address different issues pertaining to developing the entrepreneurial skills of the private sector.


Seminar I:    “Strategic Challenges & Opportunities Facing the Private Sector” (February 16, 2005)


Main Sponsor


Middle East Partnership Initiative

MEPI is a Presidential initiative to promote positive change in the Middle East and North Africa through diplomatic efforts and through results-oriented programs, both regional and specific to individual countries. Reform is of strategic, long-term importance to the United States and to the goal of ensuring that the people of the Middle East and North Africa experience the benefits that come with more open economies, greater educational opportunities, and political freedom. MEPI has a special interest in building new linkages among the different civil society sectors, supporting internships that offer youth the skills to succeed, and buttressing indigenous networks that support reform. Through last year’s small grants program, MEPI funded 55 projects in 15 different Middle Eastern and North African countries that together totaled more than $1.2 million.




 1. Doha Insurance Co.

Doha Insurance Company (Q.S.C.) was established with fully paid up capital of Qatar Riyals 127 million in 2000, as an outcome of the need for growth in the insurance industry, warranted by the unprecedented acceleration of the economic growth rate of the country and the issuance of a list of laws that provided investment incentives for local and international investors.

Doha Insurance is an expanding insurance company well-supported by a team of highly motivated, efficient and professionally qualified senior executives. The Company has taken it upon itself to raise the level of professionalism in insurance services, which enabled it now to play a major role in the regional insurance industry

Doha Insurance. Claims processing functions are streamlined to provide customers with fair and timely settlements. This has resulted in the company winning major property and construction accounts. Doha Insurance has earned the respect of both local and Middle East markets through:


Professional Service

Recognition and respect from our growing list of clients

Transparency and partnership in soft and hard markets


2.  Commercial Bank

With 30 years of expertise in producing financial results for shareholders and providing outstanding customer service, Commercialbank continues to achieve consistent profitability and high dividends for investors. Along with the commitment to costumer satisfaction and community responsibility, Commercialbank’s places the utmost importance on enhancing share value for investors.


Established in 1975 as the first private bank in Qatar, Commercialbank has led the way in the retail, corporate, and investment banking sectors of Qatar through innovative product marketing and careful attention to market trends. Recently commercial bank was assessed an investment grade rating of A3/P-2 from the international credit rating agency, Moody.

In synchronization with the Commercialbanks ‘motto, "There's more to life than money", Commercialbank is a committed to supporting the community through regularly sponsoring local charities, activities and sporting events. Commercialbank is the exclusive franchise holder of Diners Club International in Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Syria and Yemen.

Sponsors of the second and third seminars will be identified once the date for both seminars is confirmed.